How To Work From Home And Achieve Success

HOW TO WORK FROM HOME AND ACHIEVE SUCCESS Working from home to achieve success can be simple and is straightforward. Many people do not strive for success because they believe it is complicated but it is NOT complicated at all! People are simply unaware. It is with application that the transformation takes place. Here’s how:

1) Choose Your Outcomes Set your desired outcome and decide in advance where you would like to be in order to work from home. Having the desire gives you the CLARITY to approach your goal with an intended result, and thus you are likely to achieve that result!

Achieving goals is a result of a pre-determined choice and not accidental. START believing and new opportunities will be revealed to you.

Open up your mind to new possibilities, look for the example of someone who HAS accomplished incredible things, and you will find it.

2) Discover Your Passion Before you set your intention to work from home, it is important to know what you are passionate about. Discovering what you are passionate about is simple to do. Simply think about what you love to do, what gives you the most pleasure and recognize how you FEEL when you think of that thing.

Record your answers as you ask the questions and review them later. Keep these questions for future reference. Your passion may CHANGE when circumstances in your life change, so you may want to keep these questions handy for future reference.

TRUE PASSION happens when you feel the blood rush in your veins, when you feel excitement and energy, inspired and want to get up and go!

3) Setting Your Goals When you choose to set your goals to work from home, you are setting the direction of your life. WRITE down your goals clearly, covering all areas of your life. FEEL inspired when you read them.

When we decide on a goal, it is usually not the goal that we want, but the feeling we’ll get when we have achieved the goal. Ultimately, what goal setters truly strive for is a feeling, a state of being, such as happiness, peace, joy, ecstasy.

Goal setting involves making a decision about an outcome and writing it down; we could call this a dream with a deadline.

4) How Do I Know My Goal Will Be Achieved? Desire is the starting point of all achievement. When you set a goal, you are planting a seed. With the proper nutrition and attention, the seed will grow.

In order for the dream to become a reality, we MUST believe we can achieve it. When you set your mind on a goal, even if you stray from your course, you will put yourself back on course and stay committed to the goal.

Keeping to a goal demands that you harness the POWER OF CONCENTRATION!

5) So How Do I Set My Goals? We will now look at the steps to goal setting.

STEP 1: Prepare yourself to set goals To set your goals, start out with several blank sheets of paper, or a journal, and ensure that you have no distractions.

STEP 2: Choose Goal Categories Before you start to write out the goals, choose the categories that you would like to have for your goals. Having the categories accomplishes TWO THINGS: first, it encourages you to have balance in your life; second, it makes it easier to organize your goals.

STEP 3: Be in the highest state of being Put yourself in ecstasy! You can achieve this high level of energy by playing your favourite upbeat music, breathing deeply, meditating, exercising briefly or whatever other activity puts you into a high state of energy.

STEP 4: Set the goals This is the most important part of this exercise: Write these goals as if you knew that your success was absolutely guaranteed. DISMISS any other negative thought, and continue to use your imagination to think of LIMITLESS opportunities and dream BIG dreams!

Write out the goals as they come into your mind.

STEP 5: Review the list Keep a copy with you over the next week. Take the time to review your goal list. Add to the list as ideas come to your mind. Goals can be added and removed from your list at any time.

STEP 6: Select your top-priority goals Once you have written out all of the ideas you can think of, go back through the initial goal list and select the TOP-PRIORITY goals from the categories. You can circle them to distinguish your top goals from the other goals.

STEP 7: Set the timeframe for achievement Once you have selected the top-priority goals, the next step is to decide WHEN you would like these goals to be realised. BELIEVE that your timeframe is realistic.

Use the SMART method to set your goals.

S – Specific M – Measurable A – Achievable R – Realistic T – Time-sensitive

STEP 8: Write out goal statements for your goals. The following are the guidelines to be followed when creating your goal statements. Ensure each and every goal statement follows these guidelines.

1. Write your goals in the PRESENT TENSE. 2. State your goals in the POSITIVE and choose your words carefully. 3. Use ING verbs in your statement wherever you can. 4. When writing out your goal statement, state your FULL NAME. 5. Write & display clearly the goals in your OWN handwriting, typewritten or computer-printed. 6. When writing out your goal statement be SPECIFIC and CLEARLY DEFINE your goal.

STEP 9: Read your goal statements CARRY your goals with you wherever you go and read them at least TWICE every day. Read it BEFORE you sleep to allow the subconscious mind to accept what you have written as a reality.

Share your goals only with people who will support you and say them out loud with conviction. DO NOT SHARE with people you think whom will not support you and your goals.

Be decisive and know your outcome! Life will show up for you no other way than the way in which you expect it.

GOAL STATEMENT EXAMPLES I, May Ong, am happily enjoying running my profitable and successful business. I offer tremendous value to my customers and as a result, they benefit from the use of our products. Our revenue this year has exceeded last year’s numbers by 200 percent.

I, May Ong, have gratefully paid for my home with cash. I now own my home outright. I have a maid that takes care of all the house chores. It feels great to know that I am absolutely financially free.

I, May Ong, am enjoying being at my ideal weight of 52kg. I am fit and in excellent shape. I love to sing & dance and I do so on a regular basis.

I, Clara Tok, am enjoying the feeling of exhilaration after accomplishing my goal of earning my A.C.C.A.

I, Calvin Nam, am having a wonderful time in Japan with my wife on our 2nd honeymoon. She is extraordinary and we love each other unconditionally. We treat each other with respect and honesty.

How To Enjoy Working In Your Home Business and Fast-Track Your Success

You have started your Home Business and you are determined to succeed and establish yourself as a successful Home Business Entrepreneur. Success is never given to you on a silver platter. You have to work hard, work smart, be passionate about your business and enjoy working at home. A planned systematic approach is needed to make your work at home experience, fun, enjoyable and also to fast-track your success.

First and foremost Top priority should be given to establish a good Home Office. This is extremely important because it is going to be the nerve centre of all your activities. It will be here that you will be spending most of your time. It has to be equipped with all the necessary paraphernalia and with proper lighting and ventilation to make your work easy, comfortable and enjoyable.

The days when your Boss told you what and how you should do are over. This is your own home business. Enjoy planning your business. Prepare a short term plan and a long term plan so that you can work systematically and methodically to achieve your goals. Plan it in a manner so that you make provision to accommodate certain aspects of your family life.

Perhaps one of the main reasons to start a home business was to spend more time with your family. Now that you have created that opportunity you certainly should take advantage of it and plan you work schedule in such a manner to spend more time with your spouse, kids and friends. You are the Boss. You can choose your hours of work. So work hard, work smart and enjoy taking the kids to the school, the library and to other activities. This will boost the morale of your family members, bring happiness into your life and motivate you to work harder. Thus you will enjoy your work at home while ensuring success in your home business.

As a home business entrepreneur it is essential that you constantly upgrade your knowledge and skills. Utilize your free time or allocate some time for this purpose. This additional knowledge and skills will help you improve your business and increase the profitability of your business. Your knowledge and skills will soon be sought after by other entrepreneurs. This will bring you prestige, happiness and the desire to work at home will get a further boost.

Once your home business is up and about, one of your main priorities will be to promote your business. Unlike an employee working for a Boss, you can lift your head high as a business entrepreneur and go about meeting local businessmen, community leaders and others who matter, on an equal footing and promote your business.

Enjoy talking about your business at community functions, trade association meetings and at other functions. This aspect of meeting community leaders and others on an equal footing will bring you great joy and inspire you to achieve even greater heights.

“People who enjoy what they are doing invariably do it well.”-Joe Gibbs.

Be passionate and enjoy every aspect of your work at home business. You will not only succeed but without doubt fast-track your success.

Home Renovation 101

With the plethora of Home and Garden Television Programs currently on the air, many of us have caught the “Renovation bug”, that inexplicable desire to gut and rebuild our homes and create our dream home. Whether you are contemplating renovating, restoring or redecorating your home, in essence what you are really striving to do is to create the proper stage for your lives and the lives of our families and friends.

Changing your home can be an incredibly enjoyable process that frees your inner creativity while expanding our understanding of ourselves, our families and our aspirations. The key to a successful renovation can be broken down into your planning, adaptability and research.

Of course the big question everyone asks prior to a renovation is “Will my renovation wreak Havoc on my life and family?” The honest answer to this is “Yes”, but often in a great and unexpected way! Renovations or redesigning our homes allows us to grow, to learn more about ourselves and to create the proper setting for our lives that we envision living within.


o Be Realistic – If you live in a bungalow and you’re redoing the basement family room and you love urban loft living, 14′ ceilings and downtown views – you’re not going to get it. However, if you want it to have a contemporary flair with warmth, sexiness and edge, then that is completely achievable.

o Have a detailed budget for your project. – Calculate EVERYTHING from the nuts and bolts to the silks and light plates. Make sure that your Designer and/or Contractor know what the budgetary ceiling for each project and item is and if you go over on one of them, that it means you will need to either cut back elsewhere or accept the increased budget.

o Research the best contractor for you. – Find the best contractor that suits your project, your personality and shares your design vision. Make sure to meet with at least 3 Designers or Contractors prior to making a decision.

o Understand waiting times – Custom sofas can take up to 12 to 14 weeks. Custom Cabinetry is often 10 to 16 weeks – some fabrics can take up to 3 months. RESEARCH your selections so there are no misunderstandings.

o Put a positive spin on the process – The reality is that there will be inconvenient ugly days with no water or no kitchen or both. If you have kids make it a fun experience, set up a tent and go camping in an area in the house so that it’s fun for them and budget for a hotel suite for the worst period and have all the ugly bits done during your absence. Make sure to think creatively on how to put the best “spin” on the rough times to your family and yourself.

o Don’t sweat the small stuff – If for some reason something is delayed beyond anyone’s expectations its not going to do you any good to explode and send your blood pressure through the ceiling. In the case of the “no show” item, either reselect the item or accept that it is delayed. Literally those are the only choices so make life easier on yourself (and your family) and learn to adapt your design plan (I always recommend having a back up selection just in case to prevent losing time and money).

Of course before you can begin ANY renovation, you need to find out “who you are” and “what is your style”. Are you passionate about Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional, Modern, Urban, Zen, Ethnic or Eclectic styles? You can not successfully begin this process without being able to firmly state what your style is and what the goal for your renovation is and how you live your life. You will also need the help of a good designer to hone what it is you are trying to create. Make sure to go out and see what is available; go to as many showrooms and suppliers as possible. You will find these trips to be inspiring and also a great learning experience as well.

As we all know, the biggest, most expensive and most detailed project in renovating your home is your Kitchen. When planning the design for your new kitchen, determine what suits your lifestyle; you’re growing needs and your aesthetics. Always keep in mind as well that your kitchen is critical to the resale of your home, so plan wisely. Plan out not just the big ticket items, such as appliances, flooring, cabinetry and counters but the small details that truly make a design great such hardware, lighting, hidden and built in storage and items that reflect your personality and style. Think about whether you LOVE to cook (then add a spigot over your stove), do you entertain frequently (then put a trough sink in the island), do you have a large family (then open up some walls and really make it the heart of your home. The answers to these questions will guide the fixtures and appliances you choose for your kitchen.

When plotting out the design of the kitchen don’t just take the kitchen planner or designers word that the space is ideal for you and your family. Carefully examine your plan and think about how to best maximize the space in your kitchen as well as make your life easier. No one knows your needs and the needs of your family as well as you do. What about adding a multi purpose island with sinks storage prep and seating? What about the new and stunning professional sinks with pasta cookers built in?

When speaking of Kitchen design we are really speaking about choices, hundreds and hundreds of choices for every aspect of your kitchen. For example, when selecting your counter tops you can have tile, granite (the designer fave), marble (stunning but not child friendly), solid surface, stainless steel (sleek and modern), wood, concrete (perfect for an ultra modern condo or home), glass, laminate (the most affordable and readily available) and many more, not to mention the hundreds of options within each material. Don’t get overwhelmed by the choices, always keep in mind what works best for your style, your lifestyle and your BUDGET

A small kitchen can be just as much a work of art as a big family kitchen. It just means you need to plan and research twice as hard, but often they can be the most dramatic because you can put more money per square foot and make higher grade selections then you would with a big barn sized kitchen. Details are what will make a small kitchen sizzle. Add pull our drawers with stainless glides and pull out components and a double door pantry with full interior access.

An often forgotten but critical component to great design, in your kitchen, bath or anywhere in your home is your Lighting plan. Good lighting is what separates a beautiful room from a spectacular room. Incorporate under counter lighting pucks, overhead lighting in a cove moulding, lighting in glass fronted cabinetry, a beautiful fixture over the island or table, rope lighting hidden in a recessed tray detail in the ceiling, the options are endless. Remember when speaking of lighting you need to consider the 3 components of a great lighting plan: Task, Accent and Ambient lighting.


o Use quality materials whenever possible

o Determine your Cabinet heights – floor to ceiling whenever possible

o To paint or to stain

o Select the best countertop you can afford

o Install a Kitchen Island

o Don’t overdo the adornments or details

o Add interest – Add your personality


o Paint your kitchen – walls, ceiling, trim, cabinets

o Change your backsplash

o Change all your Kitchen Hardware

o Change the Kitchen Faucet

o Add Crown Mouldings and beef up millwork

o Update your accessories and small appliances

o EDIT – EDIT – EDIT clutter and unused items

The next most important area in a home renovation and nearly as complicated as a Kitchen with its endless choices, selections and style is your Bathroom.


o Doors should never impede the use of any fixture

o All receptacles should be GFCI

o Allow a min. of 6″ between fixtures

o Select non slip flooring

o Provide ambient, task and accent lighting

o Designate areas for storage

o Consider how to encourage sense of privacy

Our bathrooms are our personal haven to rejuvenate our spirit and our energy; they are home Spa’s that act as a refuge after a trying day. Critical to this is the design of your shower, now the most coveted aspect in a great bathroom design and an important detail on resale. Don’t forget “SPA” is the key word. Go to a variety of showrooms, the options are endless from steam, waterfall, multi jet and massage options. Remember to pamper yourself and treat yourself as well as you do a guest. Always select the best fixtures that your budget will allow and really research the best deal. I have seen products at showrooms for 2500 dollars for a product and then shopped online and gotten the exact same product for less than half! Look around, research and shop smartly and don’t forget to always sit in your bath tub or Jacuzzi before you buy it. What is comfortable for one is not always comfortable for another.

Always keep in mind while renovating your kitchen, your bathroom or any other room in your home that the goal is to create the proper stage for our lives, our family and friends that best exemplifies your spirit and expresses who you want to be and how you want to live. Inspire yourself, challenge yourself and ENJOY yourself and those you love and don’t ever be afraid of change.